Gravity Engine

We are expert in designing gravity engine.Gravity Engines are engines which are powered by gravity.They works based on the principle of weight difference just like traditional balance use.

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Gravity Power Harnesser Engines

Gravity Power harnesser Engines are also gravity engines but are used to multiply the mechanical power using weights.

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Grvaity Power harnessers can be combined with gravity engines.A normal gravity Power harnessers needs to be powered using electric motors but in Combos Gravity Power harnesser are powered by Gravity Engines.

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We have been using gravity fall for centuries together to do our day today works.In Ancient India a Irrigation system called Poorvat was used to lift water from well.Lever has been used for centuries to lift big size and heavy objects.

We at PerpetualGravity with modern day technologies like electronics , mechanics ,electrical and computes developed machines to harness gravity power.Gravity Power harnessers are multiplier engines.They are also configured to do mechanical work using just Zero watt electrical power making any electric machine hundred % efficient.

Gravity Power harnesser can be also configured where they generate electricity just taking zero watt power.

Gravity Power harnessers are wonderful machines equipped with Modern Technologies.These machines can be monitored remotely.These machines are fuel-less, very quiet,smokeless and odourless.


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We do manufacture and do export our machines across the world based upon customer requirement.We have few stable version and few beta version.Stable versions are available on our ecommerce website

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