1.What is the meaning of OzzoG?
Ans:OzzoG is modified from sanskrit world Ojas.Ojas is Sanskrit word which means "lustre".

2.Why it is unique invention?
Ans: Because it is first time an attempt has been made to capture gravitational energy and utilize to convert in to other forms of energy like mechanical energy and electrical energy.

3.What is diffrent about gravitational power other than Solar and Wind power?
Ans:Solar power needs strong sunlight whereas a Wind mill needs Strong flow of Wind to run it.but in case of gravity is available everywhere and all time on our planet.

4.Can this engine be used for Automobiles?
Ans:Yes.It can be used for automobiles.

5.Why you call this machine as gravity engine?
Ans:Because this machine convert gravity induced downward motion of any mass/load in to mechanical rotation.In simple word it is device to captivate gravitational energy.

6.Why you call this as revolutionary engine?
Ans.Till date all engines consume fossil fuels but this engine does not consume any fuel.It needs mass/load (in present version water) which is again recycled.So I can say that it convert gravitational energy in to other form of energy like maechanical energy,electrical energy etc. without any cost.hence I call it as revolutionary engine.

7.How GPEG(Gravity Powered Electric Generator) is different from hydro Power Plants?
Ans:It is same as the hydropower plant but here no need to have water reservoir.It requires less amount of water which can be recycle again.

Second diffrence is in case of hydropower plant the turbine i.e.alternator is kept at the bottom where as in this case it is kept at the top.

third difference is in hydropower plant free water flows top to bottom whereas in this case water flows from top to bottom in bucket.

8.How much energy one can generate?
Ans.There is no limit for generation of amount of energy.For household use energy
20 feet height with 10 liter of water it can generate 1Kilo watt energy.Total expense to set up household plant will be around Rs.1.5 lakhs.

9.How it is different from other source of energy like wind and solar.
Ans:For Solar Energy one need sunlight continously which is not available during night and rainy season.For Wind energy one need continouse speedy flow of wind or air.But in Gravity engine just need height and small amount of water.Water used can be recycle again.
This set up can be used in allover world wherever water and gravity is present.

10.What is future of this technology?
Ans:Presently in india itself Rural area is not electrified.So with this cheap and affordable technology Nano Power plant can reach to each home like television set and Mobile.For third world countries it will be like panacea.

Moreover Future of this technology is bright as demand for hybrid automobiles are increasing day by day.in this purview Reva and Prius can be cited as example.