Collaborative Research

There is no-one in the world who thinks the way we thinks on mechanics. We specializes in gravity fall engineering.We will facilitate you to come with better solutions using gravity fall science.
We are networked with many labs in India to undertake research in Mechanical Engineering,Robotics,Electronics

Educational Services

Knowledge is power.Knowledge becomes more powerful if it shared.
Hence to commercialize our projects we also educate and support others by educating them regularly.
We regularly conducts training sessions in a hotel and also make certify professional in gravity science.
We are also coming up with online gravity programs soon under PerpetualGravity Academy.We do also conducts
learning programs in Robotics,Gravity Engineering,Solar domains across globe.Our Gravity Engineering courses are unique and special course in mechanics.Solar Courses are our bread butter and we train we do incubates entrepreneurs in this domain.We train people to make Solar Machines.Six Sigma courses are also our unique program which runs under our flag to make every mechanical machine more electrical efficient.

Consulting Services

Being Expert we do undertake Consulting jobs.We follow ISO 9001:2015 framework to execute the consulting works.In total we have been executed 15 consulting Jobs in Gravity Engineering.
We are executing few national and international research and development projects.

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We develops Solar Efficient Machines which require  3 to 4 times less solar panel compares to existing traditional machines.

Gravity Powered Electric Vehicles

We also customize electric bikes,electric vehicles.We do convert electric vehicles in to gravity powered as per demand.Gravity powered improves electric vehicles mileage per charge.

Next Steps…

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